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At Scarff Law Firm, PLLC, we have more than two decades of experience forming trusts as part of the estate planning process. Our attorneys will provide legal guidance on the options most suited to your objectives, as well as their potential advantages and drawbacks.

A trust agreement clearly details what will be done with assets being held in trust for your beneficiaries. Some advantages to forming a trust include reducing estate tax liability, protecting the assets it contains and avoiding ancillary probate. After a trust has been formed, a trustee is named to manage and
administer the trust according to the trust agreement, the trust type, and applicable state and federal laws.

Trust Formation Options

There are many trust formation options. The objectives behind creating a trust will determine which option is most applicable. For example, different kinds of trusts would be required for the following scenarios:

  • Protecting the interests of a family business
  • Managing a variety of assets until several beneficiaries reach adulthood
  • Protecting a charitable donation from potential litigation
  • Transferring out of state real estate into a Trust to avoid an ancillary probate

Our firm will identify and create the best trust option for your situation.

Estate Taxes

We have extensive experience structuring and forming both tax-focused and non tax-focused trusts. If you are concerned about taxes that may be levied against your estate, forming a living trust or testamentary trust to protect your assets may reduce the estate tax liability.

Mercer Island Asset Protection Lawyers

From our offices on Mercer Island, Scarff Law Firm represents clients in King County and communities throughout western Washington. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced King County trusts and estate lawyers to briefly discuss your legal matters and determine whether Scarff Law Firm can meet your needs.


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