King County Business Succession Planning Lawyers

At Scarff Law Firm, PLLC, we provide legal counsel that considers the connections between business ventures, real estate investments and private estates. Taking a big-picture approach to your asset preservation needs is a vital part of the business succession planning process.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in business succession planning and will help to ensure that every detail is properly addressed. Our approach to law, which emphasizes communication, teamwork and problem-solving, is particularly beneficial when addressing the unique concerns of closely held and family-owned businesses, including:

  • If a family business is changing ownership within the family, we will go over the options available to you and provide legal advice regarding the tax laws and the potential advantages and pitfalls of each option.
  • We will provide legal guidance and representation geared toward meeting your goals, while taking the concerns of other family members into consideration. If necessary, we will negotiate with family members and business partners to achieve a positive outcome.
  • When a company is part of a private estate, it may be subject to inheritance tax laws. Our lawyers will address potential tax issues during both the estate planning and the business succession planning processes.
  • Unfortunately, private estates occasionally become entangled in legal battles between heirs. We will identify the best methods for protecting the business, while honoring your wishes.

Mercer Island Business Tax Attorneys

From our offices on Mercer Island, Scarff Law Firm represents clients in King County and communities throughout western Washington. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced King County business succession planning lawyers to briefly discuss your legal matters and determine whether Scarff Law Firm can meet your needs.


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